All our staff complete the disability awareness course provided by the RYA and also complete Cambridgeshire County Council's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Training

SITE accessibility

We have made our site as accessible as possible we have:

  • Ground floor accommodation; including a fully equipped specialised room with hoist from bedroom through to the en-suite bathroom. The bed, bath and sink are both able to be moved up and down
  • Stair lifts are located at the bottom of each set of steps in our main building to enable a safe transfer to the dining room
  • We have disabled bathrooms located in every building with our sports hall toilet having a hoist system with bed and toilet
  • Across the site we have minimal steps outside to support your independent travel around the Centre 
  • Automatic doors and ramp leading to reception
specially adapted room
disability boat

accessibility of THE KIT

We have kit to support everyone getting involved in our activities;

  • Posture aids to be used across all activities
  • All terrain manual wheelchair
  • Hoist system for high ropes and climbing 
  • Archery string grip support and archery shooters that do not require the bow to be held
  • Paddle retainers for support in holding the paddle
  • Stable watersport craft; sailing keel boats and canoes
  • Hoist to support getting into the water craft
  • Sailing disability club onsite 1 day per week during summer 



We want to provide a a safe environment for everyone to participate in the outdoors. 

  • Gender neutral toilets and changing facilities available
  • All staff complete Equality, Diversity and Inclusion training
  • Equipment and activities that supports wearing religious headwear 
  • All our food is Halal and we can cater for all religious requirements, dietary needs, allergies and food preferences such as vegan. 
dietary wrist band colours