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Last Updated: 9th September 2020

GWC Staying COVID-19 Secure

GWC Staying COVID-19 Secure

Dear customer we look forward to welcoming you to Grafham Water Centre (GWC) very soon. To help you enjoy and make the most of your visit we have introduced several new safety measures.

This document is a statement of Grafham Water Centre’s commitment to providing a Covid-19 secure site. It is not intended to be exhaustive in covering every possible scenario but we aim to adopt best practice and meet the government guidance on working safely during coronavirus.

This document will make clear our commitment to provide a safe and healthy environment and will outline our intentions and approachs to manage the risk of Covid-19 transmissions.

We’re delighted to be awarded the Visit England ‘We’re Good to Go’ industry charter mark. This verifies that our Centre meets the Government and public health guidance on COVID-19 and that we have all the required health and safety processes in place to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable visit.

+Before You Arrive


You must pre-book to guarantee your place and be able to come onsite.  We are tightly managing all visitors to our site ensuring that we have contact details for all visitors. 

Contactless Payments

To help minimise the risk of spreading the virus, the centre will not be accepting cash. Please be prepared to pay by card or with your phones. If this is an issue please get in contact. 

Check Website

Our health and safety measures will be published on our website before we open. We will update all our pre-arrival email communications to provide additional information relating to health and hygiene. The updates will be via the Website, Facebook or Twitter. 

If you have symptoms, do NOT travel

If you or someone in your household or support bubble are showing coronavirus symptoms, everyone in your household or support bubble MUST stay home. If you or a member of your support bubble is contacted as part of the test and trace programme, the individual contacted MUST stay at home. If the individual becomes symptomatic, everyone in the support bubble should then isolate. 

+When You Arrive

Temperature Checks

We may ask to take temperatures. This will be judged alongside the other symptoms. Any person who is displaying a high temperature (above 37.8 degrees) associated with fever will not be permitted to enter GWC. Please contact the centre should you have any concerns. 


Please enter via the northern entrance road. There will be signs to direct you. ‘Please do not access via Ridgeway Road through the housing estate’ this is exit only. 


Please look out for the new signage that will be in place to inform guests of safety measures to follow. Markers will be in place to help staff and guests maintain social distancing wherever there is a need to queue. Signage will be placed in prominent areas to remind everyone to maintain social distancing and wash their hands regularly.

Where To Meet

As part of your booking you will be directed to a specified meeting area. This will be your base for the day. 

Outside Meeting Areas

Each group ‘bubble’ will have an outside meeting area. This will be the base for the day. If the weather is detrimental then alternative arrangements will be made. 

Reduced Capacity

Customers for visiting GWC will be reduced in number to allow for social distancing measures.

+Social Distancing General Onsite Movement

Social Distance

Please remain within your group (bubble) keeping a safe distance apart from other guests. There will be strategies/signs in place to maintain social distancing. The number of people permitted in each building at any one time has been calculated to ensure social distancing can be maintained in line with the current government guidance.   Signage is provided at each entrance to illustrate the maximum numbers and highlight expectations.

Reception and Guest Services

We have had to make some changes to reception and guest services we offer. There will be signage to show how this works. Please do not physically go to reception unless you really need to. Staff will be available to discuss any requirements. 


All groups onsite will operate in ‘bubbles of people’. These are currently 10 but may be extended in coordination with Government guidance. 

Social Distancing Activities

We’re following all Government guidelines and have been actively involved in scoping out the sectors best practice in partnership with the key organisations in the outdoor sector.

These include:

+Hygiene Onsite

Food and Drink

Currently there is no catering option. All food and drink must be brought for the day programmes. We will provide access to fresh tap water. 


Toilet facilities provided for visitors will allow for users to maintain social distancing and cleaning materials will be provided to allow ‘self-cleaning’. 

Hygiene Measures

We would politely request that all our visitors to the site uphold the highest possible hygiene standards. Including regular hand washing or application of hand sanitiser. 

Staff Training

The staff team have participated in Covid-19 specific training, instructing them how to stay safe as well as keep all visitors to the site safe. 

Enhanced Cleaning

You’ll see a lot more of our Housekeeping team during your break – they’re carrying out regular and enhanced cleaning in central areas, as well as accommodation preparation. You may also notice that some small items are removed from areas to help reduce touch points. 

Deep Cleaning

We have introduced new deep cleaning measures in the event that a person presents themselves with symptoms consistent with Covid-19. That where surfaces require disinfecting, we will use an antiviral disinfectant that is effective against Coronavirus; certified to European standards BS EN 14476 and BS EN 1276.

Hand Sanitiser

Hand sanitiser is available at the entrance to all buildings, and must be used by everyone entering the premises to reduce the risk of transmission Adequate hand washing facilities or sanitiser are provided at other key locations.

Employees Wearing Masks

So you are aware some employees may be wearing PPE such as masks. There is no requirement to do so but every member of staff is entitled to this. 

+When You Leave

Checking Out

Please make sure you sign out all guests to the centre. There will be a member of staff available to do this with. 

Personal Belongings

Please make sure that you take all items with you, including any food and drink items. 

Returning Guest

If you are a returning guest, a member of our staff team will direct you where to store your centre equipment for the following days activities. 

If you have symptoms of Covid-19 following your visit

If you have symptoms or are diagnosed with Covid-19 after your visit please get in contact. You must follow the Government guidance. 


GWC ensures that the Local Safeguarding Partnership Key Standards and DfE guidelines for recruitment are adhered to and that all Staff undergo an induction, training and assessment programme. 

Adaptions for Covid-19

Staff will undergo comprehensive training in preventing the transmission of Covid, washing hands, cleaning, hygiene, social distancing and the use of PPE. 

Have staggered arrival and departure times at work to prevent crowding into and out of the workplace. 

Are health checked every morning and reminded daily only to come into work if they are well and no one in their household is self-isolating. 

Where social distancing cannot be maintained, instructors will follow government advice and wear the appropriate protective equipment. 

Are made aware of their obligation to report any illness and are reminded of the importance of good personal hygiene. 

Are split into dedicated work teams where possible to keep the number of members interacting with others as small as possible, reducing the risk of transmission and allowing the centre to deliver in the event of one or more teams needing to self-isolate. 

Are encouraged to take precautionary measures and will wear a face covering if using public transport. 

Are kept updated and regularly monitored on all procedures. 

Will have a change of clothes/spare uniform available for when required e.g. after dealing with virus or bodily fluids. 

Will avoid using hot desks and spaces, where this is not possible, cleaning and sanitising workstations will be undertaken between different occupants.


GWC will have developed Operating Standards for all activities which outline the qualifications, training, equipment and procedures required to deliver a safe experience These standards are endorsed by a relevant Technical Expert and reviewed on an annual basis or as and when required. 

Adaptions for Covid-19 

Programmes have been modified to ensure activities can be conducted to adhere with social distancing guidelines and prevent any interaction with other schools.

Activities that normally take place indoors have where possible been replaced or moved outside.

Activities will be conducted in accordance with the guidance issued by the Governing Bodies of Sport and Industry sector bodies where relevant.

The need for guests to share equipment will be minimised.

We will ensure strict maintenance of hand hygiene using hand sanitiser mbefore, during (where appropriate) and after activity.

We will have a clearly defined disinfecting routine in place to disinfect relevant equipment and contact surfaces before, after and at pre-set intervals as defined in activity risk assessment.

Rescues - If a close ‘contact’ rescue is necessary, instructors will use a method that avoids ‘face to face’ situation or use the appropriate PPE

+About This Document

This document has been developed in line with guidance of the representative bodies of the outdoor sector and will be reviewed on a monthly basis or more frequently if changes in legislation or guidance requires it.


The Government* has provided 14 guides for working safely during coronavirus covering a range of different types of work. This guidance draws upon 8 of these:

  1. Five Steps to working safely  

  2. Hotels and other guest accommodation  

  3. Providers of grassroots sport and gym/ leisure facilities 

  4. Restaurants, pubs and takeaway services  

  5. Shops and branches  

  6. Vehicles  

  7. The visitor economy  

  8. Offices and contact services 
  9. Construction and other outdoor work

  10. Factories, plants and warehouses

  11. Heritage locations

  12. Other people’s homes

  13. Performing arts

  14. Labs and research facilities
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