Shelford Rugby Club visits GWC!

At the beginning of May, Shelford Rugby Club brought their under 13's team to Grafham Water Centre for a fun-filled weekend of activities and team building. The team have kindly written about their experience at GWC below. 

Shelford Rugby Club, Cambridge under 13’s arrived at Grafham Water Centre in the evening on 3rd May for their tour weekend.

With 24 boys, 7 coaches, 2 first aiders and 7 parents, we filled the entire Endeavour House much to the delight of the boys.

After their first meal, the boys took part in the orienteering activities.

Despite the weather, the lads got stuck in and really enjoyed this team building exercise which was the perfect way to start the weekend.

After some sleep, with emphasis on the word ‘some’ due to the excitement of dorm sharing, the boys (and some brave parents) were split into 2 groups for a day of water activities.

The staff (Dom, Holly and the crew) were well equipped to organise the groups and keep their focus during the safety talks and instructions.

The boys then took part in fun boats, kayaking and stand up paddle boarding throughout the day with lunch in between.

Despite a little wind, the fun boating went down very well with the boys, enjoying the responsibility of controlling their own boats.

The kayaking was made even more fun with the instructors incorporating games into the session.

The SUP was definitely a challenge for all with everyone at some point taking a dip, and taking revenge on some of their coaches. 

Everyone then had time to relax during dinner which as always, offered really healthy food choices and catered well for those with food intolerances.

The evening gave the boys a chance to bond even further and enjoy some independence by exploring the grounds and watching the sunset.

We departed the centre after breakfast on the Sunday, and left with a packed lunch (and some) for everybody.

The food choices were great, again healthy and substantial.

Overall, a brilliant tour weekend for the boys, and one that will be remembered and talked about for years to come.