Grafham Gibbons visit the Peak District

August 23, 2017

Grafham Gibbons first taste of natural rock was a great success!

The group travelled up to the limestone outcrop of Harborough Rocks in the Peak District, a total of seven Gibbons attended with most of their families accompanying them for the day, some of the parents even had a go at climbing! it was a great atmosphere for everyone.

For most of the gibbons this was their first experience climbing outside and they all did really well as some of the climbs had some tricky moves to overcome, which they all managed. They even had some extra challenges such as the 'no hand challenge' where they put their trust soley on the equipment and their belayer on the ground.

A great day was had by all and we will definitely be heading back soon!


Pleas visit our Youth Clubs page for more information about Grafham Gibbons

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