Outdoor Classroom Day,

October 21, 2020

+Come and celebrate learning outside with us this November

It's time to celebrate learning Outside the Classroom again this November, the 5th November is national Outdoor Classroom day where we encourage children and teachers to get outside and away from the desks, and give children the chance to breath in fresh air, discover new things, and get dirty outside.

In these current climates, there is no better time to encourage our younger ones to get outdoors and experience new challenges and new exciting adventures.

Why not try this with us, here at Grafham Water Centre.  We are Open, and running successful and safe Day visits to the centre for ALL schools and Youth Groups.

If this might be of interest, please contact Ali Baines at the centre who will talk you through ideas and how a typical day would work for your group.  Alison.baines@cambridgeshire.gov.uk or 01480 810521

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