We've gone paperless with your feedback!

January 18, 2016

We now have a new online feedback system for Group Leaders to record their evaluation of their school’s visit to the Centre.

Feedback from our customers is really important to us and we hope that this new system will help us to improve what we do here at the Centre. Our aim is to support Outdoor Education and this new system will be able to give us a National picture throughout the Outdoor industry.

There is also an opportunity for pupils to give their feedback a couple of weeks after their visit to the Centre, where they can describe their stay and what they felt they had achieved during their residential.

Here are some of the comments from Group Leaders:

“We were really impressed with our stay. Your instructors are first class. Roger (course leader) was fantastic and a credit to your organisation. We had a fabulous time - thank you.”

“Last year's feedback has been used to inform this years programme and as a result the children have gained even more from the experience. All credit to Chris and his team for solving the initial booking issue and continuing to be fantastic.”

"The instructors made an excellent contribution to helping our children overcome their fears.this was a challenging group of children that the instructors worked with really well.we feel that this was our best experience at Grafham to date.During the sailing activities, Simon and Callum were very professional when helping myself and another child out of the water when both of us were very anxious- thank you to them."

Here’s what pupils thought after they returned to school (unedited):

"I really enjoyed Grafham Ash, Roger and Matt were a big help and helped me get over most of my fears if I had to rate it out of 10 it would be 10 out of 10."

"Roger and Ashley helped a lot. I learnt to never give up had try my hardest" 

"i learnt that to never give up and believe that you can do something and try "

“I really loved grafam water a lot it is the best thing i ever did in my live”

“I lernd that I can do anthing”

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