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Find all the information you need; our aims and approach, the purpose of your visit and finally what we offer! Build your specific programme to support your team's development. Pick your aims and objectives and we can build a programme tailored to your needs.

We are always delighted to welcome businesses and organisations who wish to use our site for Team Building, Corporate Events, Away Days, and as a venue for meetings.


  • Participants gain new perspectives that challenge existing ways of working and lead to real change in the workplace. 
  • Increased self-awareness and self-belief, and equipped with new tools for personal, team, and organisational growth. 
  • Development programmes are designed to help individuals and organisations build the skills, knowledge, and positive mindsets to thrive in the current business environment and beyond.  


  • A dynamic blend of learning opportunities designed to include everyone. By utilising a variety of tools and techniques, we strive to foster growth and development among all participants. We offer participants hands-on experiences that encourage them to experiment and reflect on outcomes outside of the workplace. 
  • Equip participants with the necessary tools and support to decide how far they wish to stretch themselves and embrace challenges within the programme. 
  • Importantly, it is also about fun. Having fun is crucial part of being successful. Fun creates memorable experiences and promotes overall wellbeing.  
  • Evaluation is integral. Effective programmes require a deep understanding of the needs and goals of the organisation and it's people. GWC will collaborate with you to design programmes that meet their specific objectives and deliver measurable results.  
Group listening to instructor
group raft building in the sun


We perform better when we work together, and a leading team is one which has discovered their potential for high performance and made it real. Finding the perfect pitch and flow in communication, collaboration and connection is satisfying for both the individuals involved and essential for the organisation or context they are serving.

Building teams is not just about the alignment of the necessary skills and knowledge – it is creating the social glue and trust which allows for action, whether working together in-person or remotely.

At Grafham Water Centre, we have a proven track record of delivering Team Away Days which are proven to be both enjoyable and beneficial to everyone involved.


Moving through life, we recognise the importance of developing skills necessary to be an effective leader. Taking the time to hone those skills will enhance your team.

We look to develop interpersonal relationships by developing communication skills and fostering confidence. By putting teams in situations they are not familiar with, we can draw out learning points and give them the necessary tools to develop their leadership skills.

There is a certain emphasis on recognising the importance of being a good follower when acting as a leader. There are times to be assertive, take charge, and make the decision but there are times when you lead from the back. We also instil the idea of 'followership' as part of leadership.

Pioneering team work


Stress is one of the leading causes of absence from the workplace; what can we do to help you keep your team in peak physical and mental health?

Getting your team involved in outdoor activities allows them to reconnect with the natural environment. Connecting with nature in this way develops biophilia and has a range of positive health impacts from improved physical fitness to reduction in stress levels.

Engaging with nature has two main impacts on stress. Firstly, it accelerates the bodies' natural recovery process allowing people to feel calmer fast. Secondly, it increases our ability to operate in a challenging environment before stress levels rise to a point that reduces our ability to work efficiently.



We have 24 activities for you to choose from all-year round. More information can be found about these here.

These activities are designed to get you out into the wilderness, to support corporate team building and most importantly, have fun with your colleagues.

We also have conference meeting rooms and plenty of outdoor space for you to use to update colleagues or run training sessions during this corporate day out.

We have Away Days that help:

  • Team building
  • Employee engagement
  • Wellbeing
  • Problem solving


We also have a satellite offer, meaning we are able to come to you and deliver sessions at your base or another venue of your choice.


group after building raft

We have been working with Grafham Water Centre team for several years and have built a great business relationship. The team delivers great Team building activities for our clients. The team is professional, and they always make it fun. Our clients take away ideas and knowledge they can implement.

Jeanette Wassersleben, Lifeplus, February 2024


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