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GWC offers a range of outdoor and adventurous activities to suit all your College or University needs.  We understand that every group that visits GWC comes with a specific aim in mind so all our programmes are tailor made.


Our residential courses can be designed to focus on; 

  • Working with others, developing teamwork, communication and respect for others 
  • Improving own performance, self awareness, confidence, taking responsibility 
  • Problem solving, planning, leadership, creativity 
  • Developing Outdoor Activity skills 
  • Outdoor Education Studies to support what students are learning in the classrooms environment 



Our friendly and professional team will make the booking and planning process as smooth as possible.  The team will work with you to create a unique programme that will support your group.  

We provide comfortable accommodation, healthy food, committed staff, great activities and all in a beautiful location.  Real life changing experiences at GWC create memorable experiences  that help prepare for successful adult lives. 

We can provide tailor made courses to support the following groups:

  • Uniformed groups 
  • Challenging behaviours 


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We are extremely proud of the partnership between Grafham Water Centre and Cambridge Regional College.   

 Our SEND students gain great experience from visiting the Centre to participate in environmental work experience projects which provides them with the skills they need for their future working lives. This provides a safe environment for them to flourish and to develop their work skills in an outdoor environment, whilst developing a strong work ethic and resilience to work on task and project completion. We are all ambitious for our students to achieve and make progress and to be part of the working community.    

In addition to this the real-life learning, outside of the classroom, enables our student to build confidence, self-esteem, independence, and a range of social skills which prepares them to be responsible, respectful, and active citizens who contribute positively to society. They also develop and promote healthy living and life skills ready for their next steps into different forms of work and to prepare for their adult lives.  

Gordon Baines, Cambridgeshire Regional College


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