"You can discover more in an hour of play than in a lifetime of conversation"


GWC has a great range of outdoor and adventurous activities for all ages and groups. During the booking stage a member of the GWC staff will guide you through choosing your activities, but here is some information just to wet your appetite.

For further information on the possible outcomes of each activity please refer to our activity matrix.

It is important when considering your activities to note any other relevant factors such as whether any of your group have previous experience at any of the activities, any special needs, behavioural issues or other relevant info.

We can cater for disabilities and special needs, we just need to be informed in advance of the activity.


Our purpose built indoor 10m high climbing wall offers a good introduction to the challenging sport of climbing.  Harder climbing routes also provide a real challenge for those with previous climbing experience.  Groups are encouraged to set there own challenges and be involved in holding climbing ropes for their colleagues, under the watchful eye of the instructor.

+High Ropes

We have 4 different High Ropes Activities at GWC, each offering different amounts of team challenge, communication skills and excitement.

+Poles Course

A vertical course where participants complete different elements to work their way up to the top of the High Ropes course.  Participants hold each others climbing rope and encourage their colleagues to get to the top

Crate Stack

A fun 'Team' activity where participants work together to build a huge tower of crates while standing on the top. When the tower eventually falls over the participants are left dangling in the air!

Jaccobs' Ladder

One of the more physically challenging activities in which groups of three/four attempt to climb to the top of the giant ladder made of widely spaced logs.

All Aboard

Up to four participants work together to carefully climb to the top of the High Ropes course and assist each other onto the small platform at the very top. They must balance themselves using communication, co-operation and team work before being lowered back down to the ground.

+Low Ropes

Our Low Ropes Course has been designed to enhance teamwork through improved communication, cooperation and support. Successful completion of the Low Ropes Course requires good problem solving skills and team planning.


Archery is a great skill based activity for developing coordination, concentration and persistence.  We have an indoor archery range but in nice weather we can also offer Archery on our outdoor range.


Canoeing is a superb outdoor activity which involves team work, communication, confidence building and a real sense of adventure.  Canoeing takes place on the large reservoir at Grafham or on a local picturesque River Ouse.

+Mountain Biking

Grafham is in a perfect location for mountain biking with a 9 mile cycle track that navigates around the reservoir.  Our off-road bikes will aid you up even the steepest of slopes around the reservoir.

We can also offer our very own bike track on site which is a great adventure for those wanting something different with the ability to jump over humps and do other tricks.

+Raft Building


If you want to really test your groups teamwork and planning skills then raft building should definitely be included in your activity programme.  Each group is issued with ropes, poles and barrels in order to build a floating craft which will stay afloat with every group member on board.

This activity can involve lots of wet people, some interesting designs and lots of fun!


Kayaking is a popular activity for all ages and abilities. This activity focuses on personal challenges and adventure.  This takes place on our reservoir or on the local river Ouse. 


Grafham Water Centre has a range of sailing boats, from large boats that can be sailed all year round and keep you dry to smaller two person boats that may well get you wet.  A really adventurous activity which encourages confidence, independence and responsibility as young people sail independently across the mile width of the reservoir.


A fun and physically challenging activity which is guaranteed to get you wet! Instructors will assist group in mastering the skills of windsurfing by introducing the board and rig gradually and building confidence. 

Due to the physical nature of this activity it is recommended that only students above Year 5 try windsurfing.


Pioneering is the designing and constructing of equipment for a practical use. This can range from a tower or construction to keep your team off the ground to constructing a bridge across a river or pond.

Pioneering is an ideal activity to promote teamwork, communication and leadership skills.


Our on-site orienteering course tests groups navigation, planning and teamwork skills. Participants are given a map, and briefed on simple map reading skills before being set of on navigational challenges around the site.  Orienteering is great activity for developing confidence and responsibility within the safe confines of the Centre.

+Grafham Challenge

Initiative and communication exercises; At GWC we have a large range of different team building and problem solving challenges.  Each activity requires particular skills such as problem solving, communication, leadership, trust, cooperation and support to solve the challenge.  Review take place after each activity to highlight the learning and improve the teams performance before moving onto the next challenge.

+Power Kite Flying

Young people can learn the basics of kite flying with the newer generation of power kites we have here at GWC. Using our grounds and the surrounding area we can offer this fun activity to all ages and abilities, its great for fitness but also for improving hand eye co-ordination and motor skills whilst developing communication and team work skills. 

+SUP Stand Up Paddleboarding

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) was new to GWC in 2015. This exciting activity focuses on personal challenges, adventure and water safety whilst improving agility and balance. 

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