Residential Camping

We are very excited to launch our new Residential camping experience with you.

Nestled in the heart of rural Cambridgeshire is a brand new Bell Tent Village. Designed to help the young people of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough reconnect with nature while enjoying the tried and tested outdoor education and experiences delivered at Grafham Water Centre. Our guests can enjoy the tranquil surroundings of the reservoir, engage in thrilling activities on and off the water before relaxing by a fire and roasting marshmallows to close off each day.



The tented village is a brand new addition to Grafham Water Centre and as such the tents, mattresses and equipment will be new.  Given the volume of mattresses tents and beds, if you notice anything that does not seem quite right or appears broken, please immediately contact a member of staff so this can be resolved immediately.

It is expected that visitors will not tamper with or change any of the ropes or lines that anchor the bell tents as this may compromise their integrity.

The tents will be cleaned before arrival and foam mattresses left folded in the tent for use of the group upon arrival.  There may be more mattresses in each tent than is required but these can be left folded up and out of the way and used as chairs if desired.

When departing, tents should be left in the same condition as when you arrived.  Any rubbish must be disposed off in the bins provided and everything you brought with you should leave with you.

Shoes should be removed and left in the porch area of the tents.  Shoes should not be worn inside the tents to ensure they are kept clean and undamaged.

If the group chooses to utilise the fire pits provided, then it is expected that the group will follow the safety briefing given by Grafham Water Centre Staff







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+Residential Camping

Logistics and Information


Toilets, Changing and Shower facilities are located 50 meters from the tented village in our Sports Hall.  They are fully heated and offer male, female and disabled changing spaces, toilets and showers.  The pathway between the tented village and the sports hall will be well lit with solar powered lighting and will be accessible. 

Wet clothing can be left in the Sports Hall changing room to dry out.

A covered kitchen area is provided as part of the tented village with running water should groups need access to this during the night

Fire pits are available for use, following a safety briefing from GWC staff, for the roasting of marshmallows if desired.

Access to the site will be secured by the On-Call member of staff at 2130 hours each evening to prevent any unauthorised access.

An on-call member of staff will be available throughout the night through the on-call phone, the number for which will be provided to group leaders as part of their arrivals pack.

A cleaning pack will also be provided in the Leaders tent should any participants become ill or require help during the night.  The On-Call member of staff will also be available to support if needed.

Several lockers will be made available for the storage of valuables during your stay.  The lockers will be located within the sports hall next to the toilets.  Each locker will come with a key and are designed for leaders use not the whole group.




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